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Vape Radio 84: TPE May Indicate the Future of the Vape Industry

Vape Radio 84: TPE May Indicate the Future of the Vape Industry

January 16, 2017

Today’s interview is with Jason Carignan, CMO of Kreket International, and their subsidiary, Phillips and King.

There is one vape event that stands apart from the others and that is TPE. Tobacco Plus Expo is the official name, but most call it TPE for short. The show will be held on Jan. 25-26 in Las Vegas and the good news is that it’s free to all of us in the vape space.

Here’s why I make TPE a “must attend” event and you should to.

This show is an indicator of the direction of the vaping industry. Now that tobacco and vape are considered the same per the FDA, we are brothers in name, though not in culture. Add in the fringe elements of “alternatives,” including cannabis, hookah and similar products, and the unification of these vices may show us the future.

What you’ll hear today:

  • The show has been owned my Kretek since 2009, which was founded 34 years ago, in 1982. Phillips and King is more than 100 years old
  • The show is predominantly focused on the tobacco industry but has expanded into glassware, vapor and cannabis
  • Kretek believes that vaping is here to stay, but must innovate and adapt
  • Consolidation and attrition are inevitable, along with acquisition
  • What is “alternative?” It includes cannabis, but that is becoming mainstream. Hookah is included, ditto clove cigars
  • Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong) will be a keynote speaker at TPE
  • The last election in November may have been the Tipping Point regarding legalization of pot
  • We will see consolidation of smoke, vape and head shops in the future
  • Glassware is a big seller!
  • Phillips & King carries about 25,000 different SKUs
  • The TPE show is at the Las Vegas Convention Center and includes four separate “kingdoms” of tobacco, vape, alternative, and general merchandise with lounges in all
  • All retailers are welcome to attend and they expect 250 exhibitors
  • Education will be offered in the mornings from 8:00-11:00
  • The show is free, but not on site!

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Vape Radio 83: 2016 Review: Rants, Ravings and Thoughts from Norm

Vape Radio 83: 2016 Review: Rants, Ravings and Thoughts from Norm

January 1, 2017

Today, no guests. Just me, sharing some wit, wisdom and insights…or possibly not!

As we roll into 2017, we must recognize that the world of vape this year will change at an exponential pace. New regs, new dates to implement them, and the closing of many businesses will provide a shakeout unlike any we have seen before. Last year, in 2016, we saw some carnage, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.

In this show, I provide a bit of my background, for context, and some suggestions and observations of what may and will happen this year. Some is conjecture; some is assured.

The FDA has pushed back crucial deadlines by an additional 6 months, but my advice is to not wait, but to get on top of what you need to do sooner rather than later.

There are some great tools and resources available to you including the Vape Industry Business Exchange: VIBE. Designed to offer buying power to shops, as well as options for liquid companies, I am proud to be a co-founder of this group along with some amazing other people.

In February, Keller and Heckman LLP, one of the top vapor liquid legal firms will be conducting a two-day symposium with 10 speakers and presenters from around the world. For more information, click here.

This will cover FDA, TBD, worldwide markets in China, Russia and the Middle East, plus litigation updates along with guidance on protecting your IP and avoiding legal issues.

Aside from all that, best to all of you in 2017!

What you’ll hear today:

  • A bit of my background for context
  • An overview of the vape industry since 2013, which leads us to where we are now
  • Updates on NEW and delayed FDA reporting deadlines- and how you should react
  • Litigation updates
  • Thoughts of the new administration under Mr. Trump, Cole-Bishop and lawsuits in Indiana and more
  • Guidance and suggestion on what you should be doing depending upon your commitment to stay in business
  • And finally, my thoughts when someone asked me if I planned to stay in business!

Best to you in 2017!