Vape Radio 99- Can one person make a difference in the Vape Space? Just ask Wendy!

October 30, 2018

Sometimes we wonder if we can make a difference in the world or in the vaping space. Wendy had passion and drive and did well until YouTube terminated her account... Learn about perseverance and commitment to recover and get back in business.

Hard to believe, but we are just one away from number 100!


Vape Radio 98- Chris Howard with E-Alternative is a leader in e-cigs and advocacy

October 30, 2018

Chris Howard is the attorney for E-Alternative Solutions, a division of Swisher. This interview provides insight to how large tobacco companies have recognized the power of vaping and have tapped into the needs of the marketplace.

Vape Radio 97- Innevape, the quiet giant behind Heisenberg liquid, offers great lessons here

October 30, 2018

Jeff Connell was a former rocker, who still rocks, so when he discovered vaping it changed his life. The Heisenberg line is world famous and many try to copy it, which is a great lesson to learn about protecting your IP.

Vape Radio 96-Nicotine Salts: WHAT are they, and Why should you care? Get the answers from Solace Salts

October 15, 2018

Nicotine Salts are controversial, satisfying, popular- and very much under attack. JUUL was the gateway to this new world and has become a lightening rod for media. Find out from Solace the truth behind what can help former smokers STAY off tobacco.



Vape Radio 95-Lotus Vaping Technology Adds Convenience Stores to their Profit Centers

October 15, 2018

Lotus, based in Idaho, has been a Quiet Giant for many years. They have expanded into convenience stores and added CBD to their mix. Listen and learn.

Vape Radio 94-The Chill Room mixes Vape, Cava, CBD, and Glassware into one Gorgeous Shop

October 15, 2018

Robert Cartagine and his son, Joey, were so happy with their first shop, The Vaping Store, that they opened the second one and combined all the best and coolest of the old as well as the new. Learn how to ADAPT to the new times and expand into other vape related products, like glassware, CBD and Kava.

The shop is 3000 sq. ft. and accommodates the age spectrum from Millennials to Baby Boomers.