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Vape Radio 78: Coming to a Theater Near You: A Billion Lives

May 30, 2016

“If you think the vape industry is dead, you are right. And if you think the industry and your business will survive, you are right as well. It’s all a matter of mindset and attitude.”


That sets to the tone as we move forward and where survival of the fittest- and those willing to change- will live.


Arnuad Dumas de Rauly, president of GaiaTrend, one of the largest liquid manufacturers in Europe, is our guest today, talking about a movie called “A Billion Lives.”


We encourage all of you to pay attention since this movie is by non-vapers for non-vapers and is a powerful story that may help our cause.


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What you’ll hear today:



  • Arnaud Dumas de Rauly is our guest, and has been in the business since 2008
  • A Billion Lives represents the number of smokers in the world right now
  • The director, Aaron Biebert, is a movie director and cinematographer.Neither he nor anyone on his team are vapers. “Find out the truth” was their mission
  • Cigalikes in Europe are only 2% of the market; the rest are independent businesses
  • This movie is primarily focused on the non-vaper, the general public
  • The deeming regs were influenced by Big Tobacco, ie, closed tank/ e-cig manufacturers
  • This is a US based movie
  • The number of health complains about vaping is minor compared to other, more common products
  • The movie premiered in New Zealand and will be in the US this year
  • What to do: reach out to #abillionlives and use your social media prowess to get the word out
  • The producers are trying to preview the movie with political powers first






















I want to assure you that the vape industry is far from dead. Yes, there will be failures and closures, but for anyone that has lived through adverse times, these situations create great opportunities as well.


And I can assure you, we will be here to education, motivate and entertain you.


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That’s it for show #78, so until next time, Vape On!


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