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Vape Radio 92- Derek Yach: Is the Medical Community Finally Getting the “Vaping Message?

November 3, 2017

Derek Yach is a physician and an activist and has been on the forefront of education the “medical community” about the dangers of smoking and the less damaging effects of vaping.

As a member of the World Health Organization, he is “thinking the unthinkable” in that it is possible to eliminate most cigarette smoking worldwide. He is founder of an organization called “Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.” They have a lofty mission, but have resources to help them change the way the world looks at tobacco and smoking.

Is it possible that 30 years from now cigarettes will go the way of the VCR, corded phones and record players?

Listen up, do your research, and see what you think!

What you’ll hear today:

  • We have 1B smokers in the world, but there has been little effort to reach out to them to help them quit
  • Phillip Morris Tobacco is funding $1B towards smoking cessation. WHY? Because they know their days are numbered…
  • Tobacco is the only industry that kills half their consumers!
  • There controversy about whether vaping is a “cessation device” and whether tobacco really is a killer. Many “experts” ignore the obvious
  • The future may push Big Tobacco into the “vaporizer” market and seeing that as a drug delivery device. That could position them against Big Pharma.
  • Inhalation is one of the most effective way to deliver drugs vs. injection and pills or potions.
  • When competitors work together they can deliver great results for the masses!
  • Tobacco farmers worldwide have much to lose and this organization wants to support them by offering other crops to grow
  • Dr. Yach likes the direction of the new FDA Commissioner, Dr. Gottlieb. They seem to differentiate between tobacco and vaping.

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