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Vape Radio 67: Five Pawns E-liquid Co. Shares their Washington, DC OMB experience

January 5, 2016

What you’ll hear today:



  • It’s hard to play the game when you don’t know the rules.” That encapsulates Part I of our two-parter which includes interviews from those that went to Washington to testify
  • Founders and owners, Rodney Jerabek and Rob Fitzgerald from Five Pawns share their experiences and insight
  • The OMB did listen…
  • The industry has changed since our first interview with Five Pawns in September, 2014
  • These hearings were about financial impact
  • The majority of the marketplace would not be able to adapt to the new regs
  • Tens of thousands of jobs could be lost if things go forward as proposed
  • We cannot “play the game” until we understand the rules


Part II will continue with more insight from those that were there plus we’ll introduce you to some new VapeMentors offering, including the 2016 Vaping Industry Survival Guide.


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