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Vape Radio 73: Interesting Conversations about Interesting Events! (TPE & CBD)

March 8, 2016

One of our missions here at Vape Radio is to bring you access to some of the top thought leaders in the vape space, as well as keep you apprised of events you need to know about. Today we’re killing two birds with one stone, to coin a cliché.


Check out TPE-Tobacco Plus Expo- in Las Vegas, one of the two events that I believe are the most professional in the industry. Listen to our interview with Jennifer Gelfand from TPE and we’ll share exactly who this show is designed to attract.


We also wanted to share with you another event, and this one is about the misunderstood world of CBD.


Are you confused about CBD? Do you have an interest in offering the products but now sure about any legal issues?


Azim Chowdhury and Christopher Van Gundy,with Keller & Heckman Law Firm, will be offering a FREE webinar called“Facts Uncovered and Myths Busted: Vaping Regulation and CBD.” Register here:

 The CBD world is going through changes, justl ike the vape space. Do the FDA deeming regs cover CBD? Since medical marijuana is legal in over half the country does that put CBD in a lesser or a greater spotlight?



You can judge for yourself so we hope you can join the webinar.


What you’ll hear today:



  • Part I: TPE caters to retailers, wholesalers and distributors in both tobacco and vaping
  • Part II: What is CBD? Is it really marijuana?Listen to find out!
  • CBD is not psychoactive by itself but is derived from marijuana
  • Keller & Heckman are getting involved with CBD since they are leaders in addressing questionable legal concerns








Talking points:



  • Part I: What separates TPE from others?: It is purely B2B with a long history and run by a professional team
  • There will be many show specials there!




Some takeaways:



  • Part I: Vaping has been a part of TPE for over 10 years! But has gotten bigger in the past three years.
  • Over 2000 attendees are expected
  • Part II: CBD offers lots of promise to help epilepsy and other neurological diseases
  • Who is this webinar for: Anyone with questions or are considering stocking and selling CBD products in their vape shop
  • CBD is a good product to help those withsleeping issues










We hope you enjoyed their two brief but insightful invitations to events that I believe will help you a lot. TPE is one of my annual faves since it is so professionally run and so well attended. If you’d like to rub shoulders with some of the major players in the industry, then take the time to head out to Vegas.


CBD is also a personal fascination as I mentioned. The benefits of CBD have been proven clinically and anecdotally, so if you have concerns and want to be sure you’re not exposed to undue risk, please join the free webinar.


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