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Vape Radio 64: Interview with Gregory Conley, Founder of American Vaping Association. The New (and dangerous) FDA Regs Discussed

November 5, 2015

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On to our interview with Gregory Conley, President and Founder of the American Vaping Association. He was the former legislative director for CASAA AND #1 on the VAPE Magazine list of “People to Know” in vaping.

Some things we discuss:



  • Greg shares his take on the state of Indiana anti-vape decision - the worst in the country. It seems that a casino was the responsible party! The back story that you did not know about!
  • This law may be considered unconstitutional- but it may be too late…
  • It also seems the governor’s staff did not let the governor know about the vapers that want the freedom to vape.
  • The FDA Deeming regs biggest challenge: the nebulous grandfather date. Can it be changed?
  • It could costs millions per flavor, per nic level- to take a product to market (not $500 as has been bandied around)
  • The new regs could close most vape shops nationwide
  • What the OMB wants to hear about: the financial effect of job loss. I will go to Washington, DC to testify on 12/8.
  • Republicans in office may save this industry! Get involved, go vote.
  • And to wrap it up, Greg offers a step by step guide to what to do next

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