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Vape Radio 70: The Most Common Questions We Get, PLUS Events & More!

February 8, 2016

Today’s show will update you on the state of the market in many sectors, so let’s get started with events.


We’ve seen lots of changes in the events space over the past few years. Just until mid-year, we have almost 30, including “middle America” areas like Western PA, Wichita, KS, Charlotte, NC, and St. Charles, IL. We also have the customary hot spots like Miami, Las Vegas and Southern California.


I recently attended one that created a new space and was a REAL B2B event, called Vape Shop Events, a sort of speed dating for vaping. Here’s some details and we’ll have a show on this in a few weeks.



  • It’s by invite only
  • Promoter pay for buyers to attend
  • Everyone eats together and meets face to face for 20 minutes
  • Next one: Park City, UT in April
  • They’ve been doing this for over a decade in different industries

I was introduced to tobacco free nicotine (synthetic nicotine) and was intrigued and excited about the possibilities of a more pure form of nicotine. We’ll have a show on that coming up, too.


We’ll be spending a lot of time on liquids on VAPE Radio. WHY? Because you’ll see a huge shake up in this sector for quite some time.


We get lots of questions here at VapeMentors and VAPE radio and I thought I’d address some of the most common ones:



  1. What kind of permits and license do you need to 1) start a liquid co. and 2) open a shop?
  2. Is it too late to get into the business or has that opportunity passed?
  3. How can I be sure that the liquid I buy is not tainted? TESTING

All these answers are inside our show!


Some good news and stats: January, 2016 was our second best month ever for downloads, with 131,847, a great start for a brand new year! For all of 2015 we finished with almost 822,000.


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I cannot express my thanks strongly enough to our new followers as well as our seasoned vets. Our commitment to you this year is to continue to provide up to date information on the things you want to know about, and especially to support the spirit and success of Vapreneurs worldwide.

What you’ll hear today:



  • Update on events
  • A NEW style show is launched
  • Synthetic nicotine may be ready for prime time

Talking points:



  • There is ALWAYS room for innovators!

Some takeaways:



  • There’s a show CLOSE to you, so go!

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