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Vape Radio 82: Vapor Technology Association (VTA) is Committed to Supporting the Industry

October 4, 2016

Today’s interview is with Tony Abboud with the VTA, Vapor Technology Association.


D-Day, also known as August 8, has passed and the rumblings continue. Many are still unsure what this all means exactly and everyone seems to be playing ball. For now.


Here’s what I sense is happening.


The FDA comes out with this insane, unrealistic and way too over the top regulations. Everyone falls into place, but the problem is that the line that we need to stand behind is obscure.


People are asking: Exactly WHAT must we do or not do? The sampling question is one that comes up the most. Many liquid manufacturers are still unclear of the next deadline coming up in December.


And what is see is some pushback. People are now asking: HOW will the FDA know if I am doing things right or not? Do they have spies on the street? What enforcement power do they have?


The bottom line is that many are going to start being subversive; doing things on the sly; seeing what they/ we can get away with. It will be interesting to watch.


As a matter of fact, today’s interview will talk a lot about regulations and the realities that are in place post August 8. Tony Abboud with the Vapor Technology Association, VTA, will be joining us in a few minutes.


Some other things I wanted to share:


·         The movie that everyone is talking about, A Billion Lives is now almost LIVE! The movie directed by Aaron Biebert which documents the realities of the vaping battle was premiered officially in Aaron’s home town, Milwaukee, WI recently. It was a black tie event! They also had a showing at Vape Jam, OK city. Now they are looking for a national launch and we need your help.


·         I’ll be interviewing Arron on a future show and talk about that and how you can be part of the movement


And finally I wanted to provide some insight on the International Vape Scene.


I was in Europe for 19 days and spoke in Amsterdam and Prague. I also visited Dublin and Cologne. I spoke with people from all over the European continent and especially from Russia and Kiev. And here’s what I see happening.


The Europe market is RIPE for massive expansion. I see it as being where we were in the US from a marketing perspective. There was very little vaping that I saw on the street and very few vape shops. And smokers? EVERYWHERE. I was shocked to see cigarette vending machines on the street in Germany. In the middle of a residential neighborhood. Left me speechless.


I’ll be heading back soon, speaking in Warsaw for Vapexpo and then going to a Paris show. If you are based in that region, please let me know, I’d love to connect.


I also wanted to remind you that we’re opening a new division called PMTA Advisors to help you with options and choices and give you guidance moving forward. This is primarily for those of you that are making juice.


After the interview I’ll have some closing remarks, but pay attention for the next


What you’ll hear today:



  • ·         What is VTA? An advocacy group focused on executing a strategy to save the industry from top to bottom
  • ·         Formed Oct., 2015 with a board of seasoned pros, launched Jan., 2016
  • ·         Working on advancing Cole-Bishop bill to change the Predicate Date from the current Feb. 15, 2007. Cole-Bishop could pass in December.
  • ·         FDA says they will to approve just a FEW PMTA submissions. That means that small businesses are shut down and only the rich can proceed
  • ·         The Predicate date will allow all products on the market NOW (pre-Aug. 8) to remain on the market
  • ·         Many are “on hold” until they see if the Cole-Bishop amendment passes
  • ·         PMTA odds of success project a 5-10% success rate
  • ·         Tony has a long history in lobbying and support of small businesses
  •  ·        VTA was built on three pillars: 1) Federal lobbying, 2) integrated and professional public affairs agenda and campaign and 3) coordinated state lobbying nationwide
  • ·         The next battles for VTA include multi-state strategies against flavor bans and tax bills along with helping to build strong state associations.
  • ·         How to get involved: Social Media campaigns called #wearevapor and Post your shop pictures along with your state representatives photos
  • ·         They also launched a Thunderclap campaign to engage multiple social media outlets and get the messages trending
























·         Sign up for their newsletters and get involved with your state associations


It was such a pleasure speaking with Tony. As a Glass Half Full type of guy it is nice to know that me optimism is well placed and that others feel we still have a strong horse in the race.


The future of the vape space will be unpredictable, frustrating, dynamic, exciting and for some- lucrative. We hope you will be one of the survivors as we move forward into this Brave New World.


And I can assure you, we will be here to education, motivate and entertain you.


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